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What Does It Take to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is hard.

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Want to Lose Weight? Become a New Person

Do you want my advice on how I keep myself healthy?

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Muscle Soreness

Working out makes you sore. Consistent working out makes you less and less sore over time. Sleep and good nutrition help your muscles recover.

You’ve just decided it’s time to be a new you. You’re tired of gasping for air on the stairs, not fitting in your clothes, and feeling weak.

So you order up a trainer and he or she kicks your butt (probably not literally). You’re doing things you’ve never done before.

First of all: GO YOU! This is a HUGE step on your journey to your new lifestyle.

Second, why the hell does it hurt so badly?

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Weekend Watches: How to Fix a Broken Diet

Here’s a seminar from Precision Nutrition on nutrition coaching.

This video/article offers a good outline of what to do when giving nutrition advice and when to do it. I read the written transcript of the seminar because it was quicker, and I’m glad I did so because I picked up some useful information.

There’s also a link in the article with some tricks on calorie counting worth reading.

Have a great weekend!


Photo credit: Roslyn.

Weekend Reads: Brain Stimulation and Rationalization

I feel like most of these “weekend reads” tend to not be reads at all. But they’re still good! This week we have a listen and a read for you. Pick your poison.


9-Volt Nirvana

One of my professors at IUPUI used a lot of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in his motor control lab. This talk show discusses a similar topic. They use Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation (TDCS) for training: learn quicker, see better, things like that. Very interesting idea.


Rationalizing Your Diet

I’m not as up on nutrition research as I am on movement-related stuff, but I enjoyed this post from Pat Davidson where he outlines what he eats and why he eats it.

The reason I share this is not for the accuracy or inaccuracy of his science. I could care less about that. What I want is the justification of your decisions.

I just had a talk the other day with my co-workers about this. Three years ago, we were sure we were right. Then we learned some new stuff, and now we’re sure we were wrong three years ago. Not completely wrong, but enough.

But are we helping people? You bet. Are we doing it better than most? You bet. Will we continue to grow? You bet.

Your short-term duty is to provide rationale. Your long-term duty is to refine your rationale.

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