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Shoulder Mobility Exercises — Stay Loose While Getting Strong 💪

Should mobility exercises are an important tool because every lifter will have shoulder problems someday.

The key is to understand what’s going on and have a plan for keeping them loose. Stay proactive!

In this article, I’ll briefly list the pertinent anatomy, give your shoulders some principles to live by, and leave you with a free, 18-minute shoulder mobility circuit.

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Lateral Raises for Cranky Shoulders: No Mistakes + 3 Excellent Variations

tl;dr on lateral raises

  • Lateral raises are the best isolation exercise we have for the middle deltoid
  • They can be modified to be safer and more useful
  • We outline how to perform them, mistakes to avoid, and ways to safely force out a few more reps at the end of a set
A man performing dumbbell lateral raises showing a green checkmark for good exercise technique
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4 MUST-DOs for Muscle Gain


With all the fitness advice you find on the internet, gaining muscle can be a big ball of confusion.

  • Should you eat everything you see or should you be more selective?
  • Should you do a clean bulk or is a dirty bulk sufficient?
  • How much protein is enough?
  • How many meals per day?
  • What’s an acceptable rate of weight gain?

In this article, we’ll take a broad look at muscle hypertrophy and distill out the four major MUST-DO factors for muscle gain.

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Is The Good Morning Exercise Overrated? Correct Your Technique

tl;dr on the good morning exercise

The good morning exercise is a risky exercise, but good for developing the glutes and hamstrings. We go through how to do it correctly and how to fix any mistakes. Here’s what it looks like:

The good morning exercise. Two pictures showing a woman with a barbell on her back standing up and bent over doing a good morning
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