What makes you stand out?

The internet can help you find restaurants, used vehicles… and even fitness professionals.

As we (as a species) become more and more numb to the world around us, clear messages become exponentially more important.

Too many words, lights, and video? EXIT.

Bad websites leave you feeling confused.

Good websites give you everything you need and more

There are a lot of factors that make certain websites better than others:

  • Does it have the info you need?
  • Does it have extra info you didn’t know you needed?
  • Does it have extra info you didn’t need?
  • Is it interesting?
  • Is the message clear?
  • Does the page load quickly?
  • Can I read it on my mobile device?
  • Can I submit your forms on my mobile device?
  • Can I find your phone number, physical address, and email address?
  • Can I see reviews from others that make me think, “Wow, these people are the real deal.”?
  • Do all the links take me where I want to go?
  • Can search engines read the website so that it ranks in relevant Google searches?
  • Is the page discombobulated or does it flow well?
  • Are the photos relevant and pretty, while still loading as quickly as possible?
  • Is the site information distributed across the world (caching)?
  • Is the back-end of the site easy to use so that even a personal trainer (like us!) can update it?
  • Is the site protected from spam attempting to slow down the site?
  • Is the site protected from malicious attacks from hackers?
  • Is the site backed up regularly in case something goes wrong?
  • …can you think of any others?

You’ve got to have the right words, best photos, and clearest message

Otherwise you’re just another schmuck.

It actually ties in nicely with coaching.

You have any guesses as to why?

… pause for effect …

Because it has so much to do with subconscious behavior.

Good coaches don’t have to be bad business owners

We’re all familiar with the coach who’s more hype than substance. People love them for their charisma… at least until they fail to make progress and then lose interest.

Really good coaches are susceptible to another problem: Regression to the mean.

When we see someone who is exceptionally “business savvy” and coaching science illiterate, we drive ourselves in the opposite direction. We tell ourselves, “This guy/gal is all energy; can’t coach at all. I don’t want to be like that. I’m going to be a great coach and my business will just fall into place.

This can be a strong motivator and it’s actually a mindset I encourage… when used effectively…

But when you totally neglect the truth that this “sleazy” person’s business systems are making them a small fortune, you’re only hurting yourself.

You can become a great business owner by asking for help

I have not found a single successful fitness business that does all the work alone.

When I’m working on my business and looking for help, my biggest concern has always been trust.

You’ve spent your lifetime building your brand. The worst thing would be for that reputation to be ruined… while you PAID someone to do it.

Can you really trust someone that isn’t in the fitness industry?

I had the same fears. Who would know the industry like I do? Who would augment my message instead of just watering it down? Am I really going to earn this money back in sales?

Then, I realized something that legitimately changed the course of my life.

This person I was looking for—the programmer + businessman + trainer—that person doesn’t exist.

So I took matters into my own hands…

How to waste a bunch of time

  1. Build a website
  2. Write some crappy blog posts
  3. Become a better coach
  4. Practice speaking on camera
  5. Learn how photography works
  6. Learn how videography is different
  7. Learn how to edit photos, videos, and audio
  8. Build another website
  9. Build another website
  10. Build ANOTHER website
  11. Learn how to code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python
  12. Build two more websites
  13. Write some WordPress plugins
  14. Take an expensive 90-day course on sales writing
  15. Research trustworthy companies and invest in the best website software
  16. Research trustworthy companies and invest in bulk server hosting
  17. Write you this letter right now…

Computer work has always been my proclivity (something I like to do). So is using words that nobody else knows. So I figured “what the hell” and gave it a shot.

These skills have proven invaluable, and that’s why I want to share them with you.

Everything you need for MAXIMUM business success

  • Clear message. The worst thing a business can do is confuse their visitors. Say what you mean and speak to your visitors in their own words. You are on their team, right? Show them! Avoid ambiguity, misdirection, and jargon. Be simple, direct, and helpful. “Interval Training Classes” doesn’t mean anything. “Fat Loss Classes” unites people with the same goal.
  • Direction. What is the purpose of your website? If you’re a physical gym, you’re probably trying to funnel people in the door, right? Do you have an offer? Is it compelling? Is it easy for a visitor to see it and take advantage of it? This isn’t a treasure hunt; you have to guide them in the right direction.
  • Compelling offer. I have bad news: there are a TON of fitness professionals out there trying to steal your clients. How do you set yourself apart? Maybe you already know. If you do, that’s great! If you don’t, I’ll help you get there. You could offer a free download, a trial period, or a free session.
  • Function-focused design. Not all pretty sites are good sites. Smaller fonts look cleaner, but they’re harder to read. Images can break up text, but they can slow your site down. Different colors can bring attention to things, but if your attention is brought everywhere, then your attention is brought nowhere. Get in your customer’s mind and make sure that any design changes don’t detract from your goal.
  • Mobile-friendly design. Don’t you hate pinch-zooming to read small text? Then you have to swipe along each line like a freaking typewriter to read an article. You can expect at least half of your visitors to be on their smartphone when they see your site. Give them something easy to look at.
  • Site security. Hackers are everywhere trying to slow down your site, steal your information, and use your name to do bad things. They can even write software programs to automatically try logging into your site over and over again. Protect yourself by keeping your password a secret and encrypting the information sent and received (don’t worry, I will handle the encryption).
  • Blocked spam. Hackers can also write code to automatically spam your website. This slows it down, looks super unprofessional, and can even inject malicious code into your site. If you want a secure site, block the spam.
  • Daily site backups of all the files and databases in your website so that if/when things go wrong, the fix is quick and easy.
  • Maximum site speed. In the age of information, slow is unacceptable. The more time a visitor waits, the more likely it is they’ll get bored an leave (it’s just one click away). To have a fast site: don’t add unnecessary images, optimize the images you have, host on a fast server, implement server-side caching, use a content delivery network… There is no one trick, you have to do a bunch of things.
  • WordPress-optimized hosting is included so you don’t have to do any research on the complicated topic. And your server will be configured for WordPress hosting to make things fast, secure, and simple.

Save time by hiring out

There is no pressure here; the softest of sells. Not everyone needs help with their business. Not everyone wants to mess with a website.

But for some, your website is essential. This is the first step to building trust with potential clients.

Fill out an Application and we’ll discuss—totally free—your needs. If you need structured help, I’ll tell you what I would do and what I would charge (it varies). If there are just a few easy things to do, I’ll tell you those for free as a thank you.

Basically, you have three options:

  1. You can do nothing (please don’t)
  2. You can do hundreds of hours of work to learn web design, WordPress, sales copywriting, photo optimization, etc.
  3. You can hire someone (maybe me?) to help you come up with a plan and do the boring work for you

I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t hired you. I definitely wouldn’t have a website, and especially not one that I’d want to show to people. This is the best decision I’ve made all year.

Cade Jones headshot

Cade Jones

Adapt & Perform LLC

Website Development Application
Why do you need this website? What is the single most important goal of the site? Do you want this to supplement a physical location? Or is this more of an online-only project? Do you have a compelling offer for new customers? Do you have testimonials to show people? Do you have pictures you can use without violating copyright? Do you have someone to write compelling sales text? I can help you work through these questions if we do end up working together.

My example work

Some technical details on your site or app

I choose to use WordPress for most client websites because it’s easier for a non-technical person to add information to it later on.

If you’re looking for something that works more like an app, we will probably choose Python because it’s a little easier to make customizations that way.