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Body Composition: Measure Your Muscle Mass and Body Fat Percentage

tl;dr on body composition

Body composition is your body fat percentage.

The best way to measure body composition is to have someone else do it for you. Do a Google search to find a provider.

DEXA, air displacement, and multi-site skinfold measurements are all good choices.

Bioelectrical impedance (like through your scale) is convenient, can be precise, but is usually not very accurate.

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How to Warm Up Before Exercise

Warming up is about preparing your body for the things you’re about to put it through. A good warm up makes exercise safer and more effective.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, your warm up might be a waste of time, or, in the worst case, also detrimental to your goals. I thought it might be helpful if I wrote a basic post about warming up for people just getting into exercise.

This post is for people who:

  1. Just want a free warm up they can do before they exercise.
  2. Want to understand how to make their own warm up.

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Yellow VWs Err’where

When Jen Poulin was here for our course, she said, “Yellow VWs are everywhere.” If you’re looking for a yellow Volkswagon, you’ll notice them more often.

The same thing goes for posture. When you understand the “pattern” that PRI talks about, you can easily identify it.

Taking pictures on a slow phone, however, is not quite as easy. Here are a few that I snagged. Let’s look at some postures photos.

There are #yellowVWs watching football.


There are #yellowVWs taking pictures.


There are #yellowVWs dumping ice water on people.


And there are #yellowVWs holding up buildings.


P.S. Shout out to Brandon Brown for being my portable tripod. “You are NOT being discreet right now.”

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