Lance is a really unique trainer. He’s an intellectual muscle building coach who can challenge you to be your best while conversing about health habits of the Nunavut Inuit tribes, latest scientific advances, and SpaceX’s newest ventures. He has an intricate, detailed knowledge of human anatomy, biometrics, nutrition, exercise science and knows how to help you combine all of those to develop your best body. He may have a young face, but his knowledge and skill is deeper than most trainers who have been practicing for decades.

One of things I really like about Lance is that he customizes his motivational coaching based upon your personality to motivate you to keep moving and achieving. Because I like to know how what I’m doing effects my body, he explained everything in detail to grow my knowledge base while working out. I observed him using different approaches with different people in order to motivate them. That’s a rare gift that has helped Lance to achieve goals at a much younger age than most.

If you are looking for a trainer who can build you a website, write a textbook on exercise physiology, educate you on the best method to brew coffee all while helping you build canon ball biceps, I recommend Lance for you.

Lance, you helped me understand that I could enjoy and live an enthusiastic life regardless of age. And as an adult, how important play is to living. My life is so much better as a result of your coaching.