How many drinks of alcohol do you have each week?

Drinking in moderation is okay. However, 7+ drinks a week, for a fat loss client, will not be compatible with progress. Sending them some articles to help educate and support them in this, would be ideal at this point.

Excess drinking will lead to an unhealthy gut. IMO an unhealthy gut, will lead to performance issues.



Is Alcohol Ruining Your Gut Health?

Alcohol can cause a leaky gut and upset the gut microbiota.


All About Wine, Part 2: The Health Benefits and Risks

From the article: "If you aren’t a wine drinker, I see no real reason to start. Instead, eat a variety of rich-colored fruits and vegetables to get a wide mixture of polyphenols. Try to include other fermented foods, like sauerkraut and kefir, into your diet. Cooking with red wine is also an option. The alcohol will evaporate, but beneficial polyphenols will remain to an extent. "If you are a wine drinker, try taking it out of your diet for 30 days. Then, add back in natural, organic wine, at moderate levels to see how you feel. If your sleep and mood are unaffected, then moderate wine consumption is probably doing you more good than harm, in terms of health benefits and enjoyment."


Would I be healthier if I quit drinking?

Drinking or not drinking isn’t about “healthy vs. not”. It’s about tradeoffs.

Steps for action:

  1. Observe your drinking habits.
  2. Notice how alcohol affects you.
  3. Identify the tradeoff you're making.
  4. Disrupt your habit loop.
  5. Weigh the info and drink if you still want to.