I’m looking for a flush scapula on the rib cage. If I see it coming off of the rib cage in any area, then I want to fix it. The only other situation where this doesn’t work is when someone is substituting scapular elevation for protraction.

Scapular winging is likely when the rib cage is wide. When you look down on it from above, it looks more like a rectangle and less like a circle. This makes it difficult for the scaps to swing around because they have to make a sharp turn.

I DO prefer to think about the reach as something that brings the torso up or back, away from the hands, rather than pushing the hands forward. That reframing generally coincides with more deep abdominal activity and security.

To fix it, you may need to focus more on rib cage position and less on reaching. And you do NOT have to get this position while on all fours.

What modification would you make? Leave your comment below.