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Shoulder Mobility Exercises — Stay Loose While Getting Strong 💪

Should mobility exercises are an important tool because every lifter will have shoulder problems someday.

The key is to understand what’s going on and have a plan for keeping them loose. Stay proactive!

In this article, I’ll briefly list the pertinent anatomy, give your shoulders some principles to live by, and leave you with a free, 18-minute shoulder mobility circuit.

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Lateral Raises for Cranky Shoulders: No Mistakes + 3 Excellent Variations

tl;dr on lateral raises

  • Lateral raises are the best isolation exercise we have for the middle deltoid
  • They can be modified to be safer and more useful
  • We outline how to perform them, mistakes to avoid, and ways to safely force out a few more reps at the end of a set
A man performing dumbbell lateral raises showing a green checkmark for good exercise technique
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Rowing is one of our fundamental movements that everyone should master. It’s relatively easy to find people with a big chest or big legs who are still weak. It’s impossible to find someone with a big back who is weak.

Here’s a playlist of five videos describing the muscles involved in the rowing movement. Namely, the lower traps, the upper traps, the rhomboids, the lats, and a little troubleshooting.

Like these videos? Then you’ll love The Movement Seminar.

How do you know if you reach the “right way”?

I’m looking for a flush scapula on the rib cage. If I see it coming off of the rib cage in any area, then I want to fix it. The only other situation where this doesn’t work is when someone is substituting scapular elevation for protraction.

Scapular winging is likely when the rib cage is wide. When you look down on it from above, it looks more like a rectangle and less like a circle. This makes it difficult for the scaps to swing around because they have to make a sharp turn.

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