Hamstrings get sore more than most body parts because we never use them and I really like to make sure clients use them. They’re also really important for quality of life.

You just finished your first workout the other day. You worked on bunch of fundamental movements, such as these four staple exercises:

Your first workout

Romanian Deadlifts

Push Ups

Goblet Squats

Suspension Rows

You felt great when you were done! Accomplished, competent, and still tired. You’re starting to drink the fitness Kool Aid.

Fast-forward to today…

Now your ENTIRE BODY hurts. Not all the time, just every time you move or breathe. And the worst thing: the backs of your thighs.

These muscles are your hamstrings. It’s actually a collection of three muscles on each leg.

Why do these freaking hamstrings hurt so badly?

Hamstrings soft as a millenial

^^I’m a millenial so I can say that.

The hamstrings are possibly the highest value muscle you have (except for maybe your respiratory diaphragm, which helps you breathe). They connect on your pelvic “sit bones” and run all the way down to the back side of the knee.

These guys (or gals) can help you do a lot of different stuff:

  • Stand up
  • Move your feet
  • Run or sprint
  • Back kick your friend
  • Move your hips for private motions we won’t be discussing any further

…they’re really important. Standing, for example, can be done with other muscles, but at the cost of a good standing posture. If you find standing for long time tightens up your back, you’re probably forgetting how to use your hamstrings to stand and your low back muscles are taking over. This is totally normal.

Then add that we sit most of the day for work! It’s even easier, then, to shut off your hamstrings.

Most people in our modern era don’t know how to use their hamstrings.

Which brings me back to the soreness (or “DOMS” as some call it)…


When I run people through a new workout, I want you to find these hamstrings again because it will give you the best training experience. Remember, these muscles are important for all sorts of activities.

Since you basically never use them ever that often, they’re really sensitive. They’re fragile. They’re like a millenial listening to stand up comedy.

But don’t worry! Keep up your hard work and you will be rewarded. The soreness will get better and your hamstrings will get stronger! And with stronger hamstrings comes a better quality of life: this is the FOUNDATION of all strength.

Every movement requires forces. That is, you push your foot in the ground and then you start walking.

Moving a desk? Same thing.

Throwing a ball? Same thing. No really, your foot needs to push into the ground. That’s how we interact with our world.

Gravity is trying to crush you every day. The hamstrings fight gravity. You want strong hamstrings.

Enjoy your new self-confidence and let’s get another lift in soon!