By a suggestion from Bill Hartman, I’ve started to pick up on Leon Chaitow’s blog. The most recent topic was brought to him from a recent paper by Zieman and colleagues (2009) entitled The Amygdala Is a Chemosensor that Detects Carbon Dioxide and Acidosis to Elicit Fear Behavior.

He states:

So we have overbreathing leading to anxiety, which leads to overbreathing……. a real chicken-and-egg situation that demands attention to the causes of anxiety, as well as the mechanics and causes of overbreathing, to achieve ultimate restoration of health.

Underbreathing can also lead to anxiety as well.

We can find overbreathing in those who are chronic chest breathers (don’t use their diaphragm, which is the muscle on the bottom of the picture below), have irregular breathing patterns (find themselves out of breath when talking), and other things.


Try to keep your CO2 levels in your lungs in order by slowing things down and taking slow, deep breaths with your belly. This can help you in your fight against anxiety.