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Body Composition: Measure Your Muscle Mass and Body Fat Percentage

tl;dr on body composition

Body composition is your body fat percentage.

The best way to measure body composition is to have someone else do it for you. Do a Google search to find a provider.

DEXA, air displacement, and multi-site skinfold measurements are all good choices.

Bioelectrical impedance (like through your scale) is convenient, can be precise, but is usually not very accurate.

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Split Squat – 10 Ways to Mess Up This Beautifully Useful Exercise

tl;dr on the split squat

The split squat is great for balance, strength, hypertrophy, mobility, and back health. It is nuanced and easy to mess up. Here’s what it looks like:

two pictures of a woman doing a split squat at the top and bottom of the movement
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Butt Wink – what it is and how to fix it

tl;dr on butt wink

To fix butt wink, follow these rules…

Make sure the knee, hip, and ankle can bend; if they don’t, limit squat depth

Squat with a neutral spine and whole foot pressure in the ground

Consider priming good technique by using a heel elevation or weight in front of the body like in the heels-elevated goblet squat

Lower training volume if fatigue negatively impacts technique

Keep training weight reasonably challenging so that exercise technique remains at minimum 90% perfect

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10 Outstanding Quad Stretches (And Why I Hate Them)


I offer my 10 best quad stretches. We discuss why your quads or hips might feel tight and why your hip or knee might hurt. We talk about when stretching isn’t the best solution for pain. I offer alternatives to stretching that might better solve your problems. We talk about the negative and positive side effects of stretching. We even talk about seemingly unrelated causes of quad tightness. I leave you with a short appendix on the pertinent anatomy (because what else would you expect from someone with a masters degree in anatomy?).

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