When I came to Lance, I was suffering from a torn labrum in my shoulder. I couldn’t press or lift anything overhead without causing serious pain and added injury to my shoulder. It was frustrating because fitness and lifting have always been an important part of my life. My small frame body type requires muscle-building workouts in order to maintain a healthy metabolism. The need to rest and rehabilitate my shoulder made it difficult for me to continue my normal mass building programs. I tried cardio-based workouts, but that only caused me to lose muscles mass and actually gain some fat.

Lance took the time to evaluate my movements and listen to my fitness goals. He was able to custom design a workout tailored specifically to my needs and goals. For almost a year I worked with Lance as he continuously worked on developing a routine that helped rehabilitate and rebuild my shoulder. We stayed in constant communication as I provided him videos and feedback on how my body was feeling. Lance would take this information and keep modifying the program to make sure it was optimized for me. His programming not only supported me with the lifts to build muscle mass, but he also was able to incorporate movements that I needed to correct imbalances in my body’s strength and mobility. I ultimately came out of Lance’s programming with my shoulder recovered, in better shape than when I started, and with a greater resistance to future injuries.