A quick synopsis of the final Game 6

Face meets glass, blood spilled, 5 minute major.
This penalty led to THREE goals for the Kings.

Ref gets trucked, blood spilled.

Dustin Brown is a phenomenal captain: scoring goals, getting assists, blocking shots, and being a very strong physical presence.

Attacking the goalie: game misconduct.

Irate Devils coach.
Peter DeBoer was really letting the refs get to him.

Blonde with a rack behind New Jersey’s bench.
It’s funny to watch her having such a good time behind DeBoer who is screaming his lungs out.

Final game of the playoffs and NJ gets plowed.
It ended 6-1. There were four goals, then an empty net goal, followed by another goal on Martin Brodeur. Ouch.

Los Angeles Kings get their first Stanley Cup.
Making history.

Dustin Brown becomes the first US born captain to drop an F-bomb in a live interview right before hoisting the cup.
Apparently he’s done it before…

UPDATE: Jonathan Quick did it too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Henrik Lundqvist did it too on stage receiving the Vezina trophy at the NHL Awards.


Simon Gagne carries the cup for the first time and almost eats it.

I don’t think I could have more respect for Dustin Brown. He is such a physical presence, but never seems to lose his cool. He opened the floodgates when he started scoring and his team followed suit. And he swears on live television. I wish he was a Red Wing.

If you don’t think hockey can be interesting, you didn’t watch this game.

How to be more like a Stanley Cup championship team’s captain

My personal developmental take-home points:

  1. Don’t let minutia bother you. The end goal is the only thing that deserves your focus.
  2. Leading by example is a very strong leadership trait.
  3. Be prepared to divulge blood, sweat, and tears when everything is on the line.