Do you have a nutrition plan?

It’s unreasonable to think that you’ll always have the willpower to make good decisions. Habit change doesn’t work like that. We are impulsive animals and you will gather the stuff that you want because it tastes better.

Instead of trying to exert your willpower over all of these health decisions day in and day out, come up with a plan and BYPASS the need for willpower all-together.

If you’re just pinballing from meal to meal, it’s very difficult to be successful (unless someone else is making your food).

Most people know what healthy eating looks like. Decide what you’re going to do and then stick to the plan.



  1. Aim for "good enough" instead of "perfect".
  2. Ditch your food rules.
  3. Ditch the idea of a "cheat day".
  4. Own your choices make adult decisions.
  5. Stop rationalizing.