The following videos will stick with me for the rest of my life.

I didn’t even watch them in order, but I could just see the intensity bleeding from that man’s body.

So my man, Pat Davidson, PhD, is a high-functioning sociopath. And he knows a lot about training. He’s actually one of the people who consistently impresses me the most with his lucidity of thought. And you might assume he has no brain cells once you see what he puts himself through.

WELL, LET’S GO THEN! Here’s an example from his most recent program.

^^That’s round 1.

Here’s round 8.

Obviously, the dude is out of his mind. Or is he?

On his quest to become the strongest PhD in the world, Pat has put himself through some crazy things. And he’s proved that he can overcome those obstacles. Then he does it again with more weight for more reps.

Pat has training intensity. And that’s something everyone needs to learn if they want to make gains in the gym. You will never be the biggest guy in the room if you can’t learn how to push yourself.

Luckily, with the help of (that other site that you might see my writing on),  Pat has published Operation Drago, now renamed “MASS” for brevity and clarity.

Pat’s program teaches you to shut up the voice in your head and put on some freaking MASS. I suggest you take the journey as so many other have begun already. Click the picture below to see what’s all included.

Mass 2 fitness program