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Garage Gym Squat Workout

If you’ve got some equipment available to you, there’s a lot you can do!

Home Squat Workout

Choose a duration to commit to, set a timer, and repeat this circuit.

Get in as many rounds as you can. And track them! Next time you do the workout, I want you to beat that number.

Recovery / Ab 1

I like doing a circuit like this when you just need to move. The positions in here promote control your midsection, so don’t be surprised if your abs feel a little toasted after.

It even works well as a warm up on squat day!

Aerobic / Recovery Day 3

This recovery workout is designed for people with tight lats, tight back muscles, and limited mobility.

Make sure the ribs stay set downwards, backwards, and inwards. Set them down with an exhale to get the correct position.

Go slowly through this workout and focus on the positions being achieved, not the fatigue you’re experiencing.

Whole Body Endurance / Hypertrophy 1

This one is good for building up a base of fitness. As a general rule, endurance comes before strength. And sometimes with endurance comes hypertrophy.

Place emphasis on technique! Slow, controlled, and crisp movements. Get good practice reps in.

The accessory work should get you fatigued. Try to keep as much tension on the muscle as you can throughout the whole set and embrace the muscle burn. The Rufus Deadlift is difficult. First it’s an RDL, so get a little stretch in the hamstrings. Then you squat down (like you’re in a elevator) until your hand reaches the weight. Do not reach down, squat down. You don’t want your upper body to cave.

For a second day, checkĀ Whole Body Endurance / Hypertrophy 2.

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