Tyler Wall headshot This is a game changer.
-Tyler Wall

Hey, I’m Lance.

I’ve been helping people to…

  • Increase their mobility
  • Lose weight
  • Get stronger
  • Gain endurance
  • Learn to move and lift the right way
  • Look better

…and even teach them behavior change so that all of these things are easier.

Just like everyone else, I started with all kinds of mobility problems. Because of the actual shape of my hip bones, squatting low just isn’t right for me.

But I knew that there had to be way that I could continue to achieve my fitness goals despite my unstable hips and beat up shoulders.

I wanted to be able to lift heavy and play hockey without waking up in pain every day.

I just had to find a better way to train, but who could I turn to for help?

Let’s be honest with each other.

How many people out there talk about mobility, or blog about stretching?

How are you supposed to trust them?

How do you know who’s telling the truth and who’s not?

I have real clients in real life. I train professional athletes, powerlifters, moms, dads, olympic lifters, and kids.

It takes more than reading books and writing blogs to be a trainer. It takes experience.

Having been on the inside of the fitness industry, I can tell you that some of the most popular online trainers—the so-called experts—don’t really train anyone.

  • They make you feel worse.
  • They blame you when their advice doesn’t work.
  • You make some progress, but then you get injured and you’re right back where you started.

This happens because all they know is theory. They don’t have the experience to know that getting people to do the exercise is almost as important as which exercise to do.

On one side you have trainers that just tell you to train harder, stretch more, or, “You just don’t want it bad enough.”

…And on the other side you have the “corrective” guys who want to treat everyone like they’re rehabbing broken hips.

You need to train hard, but you want to train smart.

It changed everything…

…when I made the discovery that mobility is not just about stretching and foam rolling.

It’s not just about “smashing” your tissue into submission. Our brain controls how we move and real mobility comes from training the brain to control the body.

So I’ve spent the last several years and thousands of dollars flying all over the country to learn from the worlds most brilliant neuroscientists, physical therapists, trainers, and psychologists in order to unlock the secrets of physical performance.

Then I put these ideas into practice—to learn what really works.

I’ve learned so many things I wish I knew when I started out.

  • How to lift heavy without wrecking my hips.
  • How to free up my shoulders so that I could overhead press and olympic lift.
  • How to get greater range of motion and stability where I needed it.
  • How to make training a regular part of my life so that results become automatic.
  • How to do all this without overtraining and constant injury.

Hey, not everyone wants to sit around reading neuroscience textbooks on Sunday afternoon.

So that’s why I’m going to teach you how to fix your mobility problems.

Because I have a limited amount of time available, I want to test a faster and simpler version of my online training.

If you have a specific mobility limitation that is holding you back, I want to help you fix that problem and work around it so that you can get back to making rapid progress in your training.

You fill out a quick questionnaire and upload a couple videos (I’ll email you more about that later). Then I’ll create a program to help you fix your mobility problem as well as give you some options to work around it.

Because this is new, I’m going to discount it way down. My regular training programs are $300 a month. But for this one time deal, it’s only $67.

If for any reason you aren’t ecstatic about the results, send me your workout log showing you did the exercises, and I’ll send your money back at any point in the next 90 days.

You could be charging so much more for this.
-Josh, a previous Mobility Problems client

So how does it work?

  1. Click the button below to get started.
  2. PayPal will return you to an instruction page where you’ll fill out a short questionnaire.
  3. I’ll email you to let you know what kind of videos I need you to shoot on your phone so that I can assess your movement.
  4. I’ll email you a plan of action to improve your mobility and address your specific needs with written instructions and video examples.
  5. If you have any questions, I’ll be here to guide you along the way.