Learn How to Analyze Fitness Research

Dr. Jon Fass of Facebook debate fame posted a very thorough piece about thinking critically and evaluating research. The words “evidence-based” get thrown around a lot these days, so sharing this article is a no-brainer.


How Can There be a Squatting Controversy?

My boss Bill Hartman wrote a post about avoiding the black & white mentality. It’s even written in the format of a short picture book. I caught myself reading it with a rhythm.

You want sufficient variability for what your body has to do. Determine what that is and go from there. This is the key to training.


Open Source World

Tesla Motors, the leader in electric cars, has removed their patents in hopes to foster creative thinking.

As someone who loves the Cosmos (the show ended, but I picked up the Blu-ray, no worries), I worry about the environment. I guess that’s typical for a twenty-something, but that stuff scares me. Even more valued, however, is spreading knowledge. With this act, Tesla encourages healthy competition.

It’s like if someone opened a gym right next door to your’s. Would the public have a better view of you if you tried running them out or if you embraced them? You’re not even offering the same product anyways.

If you’re defensive or find yourself often offended, you should remember what Tesla is doing.


Cool Feats of Strength

Check out this random video of my buddy Miguel Aragoncillo showing off. Ab city, son.

You MUST watch this just to see his excitement. My boy’s all grown up!