Hey everyone! Some weekend reads are below.


My goal has been to get up two articles a week. My grandpa died this weekend so we may be taking a hiatus this coming week, but we will see.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Write down 3-5 things for which you’re grateful. On paper.

Copied from Melissa Gleissner.


Gratitude journaling

Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

My buddy Allen Tucker just put up a blog that contains a great quiz. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by everything on your plate, you must take it.


Ice and Anti-Inflammatories

I will introduce this blog with a quote from it.

Editor in Chief of The Physician and Sports Medicine Journal (Dr. Nick DiNubile) once posed this question: “Seriously, do you honestly believe that your body’s natural inflammatory response is a mistake?”

Obviously the decision is situation-dependent; maybe the swelling is causing unbearable pain from the pressure. I’ve asked why we need to reduce swelling, and usually don’t get and answer. This seems to be another case of “Do What We’ve Always Done”.

Post-publishing UPDATE: This sparked some great conversation. You should examine the comments and make a decision for yourself. Using ice initially can be effective for blunting the initial response from neutrophils. These immune cells are the ones that can react more quickly than the others, but they destroy everything, good or bad.


Fixing the Youth Sports Problem

Aaron Cunanan’s follow up to his last blog that I shared is just as good. He breaks things down, talks about progressions, and some common child “types” with grim outcomes that you want to avoid.

This is a must-read. Looking at training through the lens of development will change your world.