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This post speaks wonders to having a positive environment. The writer is the type of person with whom I like to surround myself. Read and improve your interpersonal intelligence.


Is Gluten Intolerance Really a Thing?

The judges are in on celiac disease, sure, but what about the lesser evil of gluten sensitivity? This article offers perspective from researchers of the topic and suggests that the negative effects some gluten intolerant people feel from gluten is psychological. Their conclusion in this newer study was:

“In contrast to our first study… we could find absolutely no specific response to gluten.”

Aside from the data on gluten intolerance being a fabricated disease, it’s nice seeing researchers searching for the truth, evaluating their past experiments, and being okay with temporary uncertainty.

Obviously, this is just more input on the subject, not a solution set in stone. As the researcher Biesiekierski noted, more work must be done!