Why You MUST Train Your Abs

My first contribution to Rebel-Performance.com went up this week. I left a comment with two example ab exercises, too! #rebelnation


Brain Training Games

I got really interested in brain training games when I read The Brain That Changes Itself. Here are some good reads about brain training games and if they really do what they claim to do:

And here’s some of the specific research cited in those two articles:



I think my blog has officially become a feeder to zaccupples.com. Check out his write up of his recent course attendance, Impingement and Instability.


Lastly, I’ve got a long piece of work going out this coming Tuesday. I’m super excited to show you a little case study I did when a friend of mine asked me for some advice. Send me a quick email (lance@lancegoyke.com) if you want to be notified when it goes up.

Now go learn something!

Lance Goyke



Header photo: Steve Jurvetson, modified, CC 2.0