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Autoregulation – Modifying workouts when you aren’t feeling your best

The biggest value in having a coach is in coming up with a plan B.

Anyone can write a program or find one on the internet, but it takes knowledge, skill, and even some intuition to modify that program on the fly.

If you never need modifications, I call you a unicorn. If you frequently need modifications, I’m sorry for your luck and I know how you feel.

Autoregulation how we modify your training program for any given day. It demonstrates both the science and the art side of coaching. I could gather a gather a bunch of data about you:

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Weekend Watches: The Only Thing You Need to Know + HRV

The Only Thing You Need to Know

This week, Khan Academy brought us an important message that I’ve been spreading for a while now. Watch the video.


What Does HRV Mean?

This post breaks down heart rate variability (HRV) and its usefulness. Reading this will make you more informed, especially if you think HRV is the only tool you need.


Go do something new today!


Memorial Weekend Reads: Child Development, HRV, and Autonomics

Fixing the Youth Sports Problem

The first piece to read this weekend is from my good friend, Aaron Cunanan. Aaron sees the importance of giving kids the coaching they need, and he even outlines how to do it.

If you read it for nothing else than the talk about the growth mindset, then you’ll be thankful. I can’t wait for part two.


Heart Rate Variability Review

This is a research review my good friend Eric Oetter did a few years ago. If you saw him speak last weekend, I don’t need to talk him up; the guy’s brilliant.

This was sparked by an impromptu classroom hijack – not to be confused with amygdala hijack – where new interns James Cerbie and Brandon Brown and myself snuck in to IUPUI’s campus to find a huge whiteboard and a printer. Brandon hasn’t started graduate school yet and his thesis is almost ready. #PicsOrItDidntHappen can be found below.

Classroom hijack


Learning to Shut Down

Of all the articles I’m sharing with you this weekend, this one is the best. It’s so much better than those other two.

That’s a complete lie. If you only have time for two articles, read the two above.

This is a piece I wrote for the IFAST blog this past week and even includes a beautiful hand drawing. Learn how shutting yourself down equals gainz.



Enjoy your long weekend!

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