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Y U Extended, Bro?

  • You didn’t sleep well.
  • You don’t sleep enough.
  • You have sleep apnea.
  • You eat like shit.
  • You ate too much.
  • You ate good foods that your body doesn’t like.
  • You have crazy muscle soreness.
  • You haven’t worked out in a week.
  • You don’t step 10,000+ times each day.
  • You sit all day.
  • You don’t do any cardio.
  • You don’t do any mobility work.
  • You just finished a heavy deadlift.
  • Your shoes are old.
  • Your mattress is old.
  • Your desk chair sucks.
  • Your desk is too high.
  • You stare at screens all day.
  • Your glasses are the wrong prescription.
  • You’re overcaffeinated.
  • You never see daylight.
  • You do shift work.
  • You don’t poop.
  • You’re dehydrated.
  • You’re sick.
  • You’re overscheduled.
  • You’re overstressed at work.
  • You’re undereating.
  • You’re ketoadapting.
  • You don’t do any unilateral exercise.
  • You don’t do the healthy things you know you should be doing.

Controlling Extension: Is it really all that bad?

One of my distance clients from outside of the country asked a really, really good question in between his thesis working hours. The concept is so important that I thought it warranted its own article.

How do you know what positional errors to allow your client to make? How do you know what you should write in their program? You have to know about controlling extension.

His original prompt was:

What is actually the concept of controlling extension? Is it when someone is still extended and tries to not let it get worse during an exercise? Will this not feed into this pattern?

Let’s dive into it.

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