Here are some of my study resources from when I took gross anatomy in case you’re a self-learner who wants some guidance. It’s not comprehensive, just a way to help you knock out some topics in this broad field.

Reference Charts

Self-Made Study Guides

These .txt files will give you the outline that we discussed in class so you can have a little bit of direction in your studying. This will also emphasize some major points that you wouldn’t want to miss. Treat them like little quizzes that guide you.

Thorax 1 study guide & lecture review

Thorax 2 study guide & lecture review

Thorax 3 study guide & lecture review

Anterior Abdominal Wall study guide

Anterior abdominal cavity and foregut study guide

Midgut, hindgut, and their mesenteric vessels study guide

Kidneys & Urinary System, Posterior Abdominal Wall, & Thoracic Diaphragm study guide

A helpful chapter on visceral motor pathways (chapter 29) from the Haines text.

Pelvis and Perineum 1 study guide

Pelvis and Perineum 2 study guide

Pelvis and Perineum 3 study guide

Lower Extremity I study guide

Lower Extremity II study guide

Lower Extremity III study guide

Head and Neck I study guide

Head and Neck II study guide

Head and Neck III study guide

Head and Neck IV study guide