Here are a few free workouts to fill in your extra days.

For Whole Body Muscle Gain & Conditioning

  • Good for: newbies
  • Builds: muscle, work capacity, good technique
  • Notes for the advanced: this is more of strength-endurance conditioning work

This little guy is great for people who are newer to the gym. It lets you work close to the heaviest weight you can use, but you end up doing a bunch of reps so you get TONS of practice with the movements. Your form will be pristine in no time.

Go back and forth between the A1 and A2. Rest only if you need it. The goal is to get as many reps as possible in 15 minutes.

If you get tired, don’t do the sets of 6 anymore and start doing sets of 5, 4, 3, or even 2.

ExerciseSetsRepsRest Period
A1) Kettlebell Deadlift
A2) DB Floor Press
? in 15 min6 or fewerPRN
B1) Step Up
B2) Incline DB Bench Press
? in 15 min6 or fewerPRN
C) Front Plank36 slow breaths30 sec

For Whole Body Strength & Muscle Gain

  • Good for: intermediates
  • Builds: strength, muscle
  • Notes for the beginner: if this isn’t very tiring, do a few extra reps on each set

This workout is a little slower than the previous one. You get to rest longer, but that means you need to use more weight! Ideally, you’re barely hitting your 6 reps on the last set of A & B.

The accessory work should get you fatigued. Try to keep as much tension on the muscle as you can throughout the whole set and embrace the muscle burn. For the step ups, I like to do all 15 on one leg before moving to the other leg. Don’t lean back on your overhead press, but jump it up with your legs a little if you need to.

ExerciseSetsRepsRest Period
A) Deadlift461-3 min
B) Floor Press461-3 min
B1) Step Up
B2) DB Overhead Press
3-412-1530-60 sec
C) Front Plank36 slow breaths30 sec