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How to Build MASS – A Lesson in Intensity

The following videos will stick with me for the rest of my life.

I didn’t even watch them in order, but I could just see the intensity bleeding from that man’s body.

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Here’s a lengthy post by a psychology researcher who details some of his work on being overconfident in one’s abilities.

The trouble with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise.

A client of our’s sent this to me and I found it very cool. Check it out.


Also, my last post on stretching was BY FAR my most popular to date. If you know someone who stretches too much, join us and send them this article.


Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Weekend Reads: Abs, Brain Training Games, and Instability

Why You MUST Train Your Abs

My first contribution to went up this week. I left a comment with two example ab exercises, too! #rebelnation


Brain Training Games

I got really interested in brain training games when I read The Brain That Changes Itself. Here are some good reads about brain training games and if they really do what they claim to do:

And here’s some of the specific research cited in those two articles:



I think my blog has officially become a feeder to Check out his write up of his recent course attendance, Impingement and Instability.


Lastly, I’ve got a long piece of work going out this coming Tuesday. I’m super excited to show you a little case study I did when a friend of mine asked me for some advice. Send me a quick email ( if you want to be notified when it goes up.

Now go learn something!

Lance Goyke



Header photo: Steve Jurvetson, modified, CC 2.0

Weekend Reads: The End of Pain & Changing Reality

The End of Pain

My man Zac Cupples over in Arizona published a great post last week about pain, threat perception, and all of its manifestations. Everyone should read this.


Changing Reality

I wrote up a post for the IFAST blog inspired by a great book I finished recently. Time to talk about how to change reality.

Weekend Watches: College Humor Crossfit and Body Language

These Are Your Crossfit Friends

Watch this is you’re looking for a good laugh.


Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Watch this if you’re looking for a good cry.

In the following video, Amy Cuddy delivers the #2 most popular TED talk of all time (second to this one).

Cuddy outlines some of the science behind the phrase “fake it ’til you make it.” Her personal experiences make this talk tug at your heart strings.


Now that you’re all emotional, have a great weekend!


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